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Maui County Real Property Tax FY22-23

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 10:03 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)




Maui County Council works on the budget session for the month of April. They are proposing a budget in the realm of $25 million dollars more than the Mayor’s proposed budget of an unprecedented $1.045 billion dollars

The County Council is now looking to balance that budget, and looking to set the real property tax rates. They have posted a range of rates for the public hearing on Wednesday April 27, at 6pm. 

In their budget committee meeting yesterday they discussed where they would like to set rates. For Short Term Rental that is looking like $11.85. 

I am sharing the analysis of these rates in the spreadsheet here:

Right now it looks like the county has raised assessments for STR about 5% overall, and increased revenue generated by STR by 12%. These figures for Hotel / Resort are 49% increase, and 9% for Time Share. 

Proposed tax rate figures are flat for Bed and Breakfast but because of a decrease in assessed values the change over last year is -3%.

Overall this council is seeking 57% of the total real property tax revenue from Visitor Accommodation properties. When you include Non Owner Occupied properties, that are largely vacation homes, that number goes to 83%.  That means this county council is planning to be even more dependent on the Visitor Industry, and the funding it brings in.

The council is proposing to change the tiers to [<=1,000,000]; [1,000,001-3,000,000]; and

[>3,000,001] for Owner Occupied, Short Term Rental, and Long Term Rental. 

The council is proposing to change the tiers to [<=1,000,000]; [1,000,001-4,500,000]; and

[>4,500,001] for Non Owner Occupied classified properties.

To comment on the Council’s proposed rates:


Public Hearing April 27, 2021 6:00 PM will be held virtual online here: BlueJeans link


To phone in to the meeting:

Call 1-408-317-9253 and input meeting code 295235670


To submit written testimony: Email 


View the agenda here:


Finally, feel free to reach out to your County Council representatives via email or phone: 


Alice Lee, Council Chair:, Phone: (808) 270-7760; 


Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Council Vice Chair:, Phone: (808) 270-7678;


Tasha Kama, Presiding Officer Pro Tempore of the Maui County Council:, Phone: (808) 270-5501; 


Gabe Johnson, Councilmember:, Phone: (808) 270-7768; 


Kelly King, Councilmember:, Phone: (808) 270-7108;


Mike Molina, Councilmember:, Phone: (808) 270-5507;


Tamara Paltin, Councilmember, Chair of Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee:, Phone: (808) 270-5504;


Shane Sinenci, Councilmember:, Phone: (808) 270-7246;


Yuki Lei Sugimura, Councilmember:, Phone: (808) 270-7939


Range of Property Tax Rates for Public Hearing

4/25/22 Maui County Council Budget Meeting

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