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Maui Vacation Rental Association Mission

The Maui Vacation Rental Association believes that Vacation Rentals play an important role in our healthy economy and diversified tourism. Vacation Rentals are acknowledged all over the world as a sanctioned type of accommodation, an alternative to resorts and hotels. Home owners have an opportunity to participate directly in and benefit from tourism, and create jobs for the island. The Maui Vacation Rental Association believes that this industry needs fair regulation and a license process in order to control proliferation, problems caused by poorly managed establishments, and to preserve the character of neighborhoods.

The Maui Vacation Rental Association will continue to work in good faith with government and the public to find middle ground and establish new laws, to benefit the community as a whole.

MVRA distinguishes the following types of vacation rentals in the county of Maui:

Bed & Breakfast: Short-term rental of rooms or an entire dwelling where the owner is living on the same parcel as visitors.

For a list of current Maui bed and breakfast permit holders click here: Permitted Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Homes

STRH (short term rental home): Short-term rental properties with an on on-island local owner to manage the property, or a professional on-island real estate licensed property manager.

For a list of current Maui short term rental home permit holders click here: Permitted Short Term Rental (STRH) Homes

Both of these categories are a vital component of the island's visitor industry and provisions must be made for the existence of both of these types of accommodations in all zoning areas of Maui.

Vacation rental homeowners must realize that it is critical to band together to educate the community and negotiate with the County. Although both the Bed & Breakfast and Short Term Rental Home ordinances are in place, they are constantly subject to pressure from the community, the Planning Department, and the County Council.  MVRA is committed to preserving the option for visitors to the island to vacation in private homes and cottages.

MVRA supports our current ordinances that maintain the flow of visitor dollars into our local economy and create jobs with Short Term Rental and Bed and Breakfast tertiary businesses and staff, while addressing community concerns about proliferation and impacts on neighborhoods.

MVRA acknowledges the need to address proliferation concerns, and feels that community plan caps adequately address this issue, when these limits are set reasonably. This will maintain a balance of supply and demand, relieving pressure which could otherwise result in spawning of unpermitted operations.

The vacation rental industry is an ally of the County with respect to implementing regulations. Our standards of operation should be promoted and shared. Maui has an existing system established since 2009 (B&B) and 2012 (STRH), and we can be an example for outer island communities trying to legislate and create their own vacation rental industries.

Like any regulated industry such as physicians or realtors, unlicensed operators would not be allowed to open businesses. This would help to prevent further uncontrolled proliferation, which is our government’s biggest concern.

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