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What is the MVRA?

This non profit membership organization supports the 11,000+ vacation rentals in Maui County with advocacy and information in the State of Hawaii. The Maui Vacation Rental Association provides news and information about current issues regarding single family Short Term Rental homes (STRH) and Bed & Breakfast homes (B&B), and Transient Vacation Rental Condos (TVR) on the island of Maui, including details of the benefits they bring to Maui. MVRA is a non-profit trade association made up of property owners, management companies, rental booking agencies and members of the business community. Our members are condo owners, bed and breakfast operators, short term rental owners, realtors, brokers, managers and affiliated businesses. Since 2001, MVRA has been working diligently with the County government, the local community, permit holders and property owners to establish fair and effective regulations and licensing for vacation rentals. Grassroots efforts are the heart of this with all stakeholders working together on our common cause. COVID19 has shown us how much we need each other to make sure restrictive regulations do not further affect our industry. We are stronger together. Your Membership counts!

Our History

Maui Vacation Rental Association was formed in 2002 for the purpose of establishing fair regulation of short term rental and B&B uses of single family homes in Maui County. At the time of its establishment there were fewer than 25 permitted short term rental homes and B&Bs in Maui County and more than 800 un-permitted operations of this type.

MVRA has established itself as the primary spokesperson for Maui's vacation rental industry. Members have participated in hundreds of community meetings, planning commission hearings and County Council meetings concerned with regulating short term rental uses in Maui County.

Major accomplishments

  • December 2008 passed the Bed and Breakfast ordinance that allows nearly all Maui homeowners the opportunity to get a permit to allow short term rental of rooms in their house or rental of a dwelling on the property where they live. Helped to permit more than 120 B&Bs

  • May 2010 successfully lobbied to keep tax rate for B&B homeowners from being set at hotel rate and established a rate that would consider the homeowner component of every bed and breakfast homes.

  • Ongoing 2010-2019 participated in general plan meetings to ensure that short term rentals would be included in all areas of Maui under the general plan.

  • May 2012 passed the Short term rental ordinance to allow Maui property owners the opportunity to get a permit to allow short term rental of heir second homes when managed locally by the owner or by licensed professional property managers. Helped to permit more than 200 Short term rental homes

  • 2012 thru 2013 worked closely with planning department to establish reasonable permit processing procedures for STRH and B&B permits.

  • May 2014 successfully lobbied to establish the commercial tax rate, instead of hotel tax rate for STRH permit holders.

  • From 2010 to 2016 donated more than $50,000 to Maui charities including more than $30,000 to the Visitor industry charity walk, more than $12,000 to various charitable efforts benefiting Maui public schools and $5000 to Maui Food bank.

  • From 2016 to 2020 continued efforts with the county to keep STRH and B&B laws and taxation reasonable and fair. 

  • Maui’s STRH and B&B industry is responsible for 30% of our county’s real property tax budget. Mahalo for being a part of the industry!

  • Maui's short term rental industry is the biggest source of revenue for the Affordable Housing Fund. This industry has raised over 7 million dollars for the fund since 2018.

  • Find more information and infographics on the industry on our Maui Vacation Rental Industry Summary page

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