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B&B and STRH Permit Process Checklist

So you are thinking about starting a Bed and Breakfast or Short Term Rental Home business. Where to start? This handy check list will help you figure out if you are ready, and have all your documents to start the process.

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See this page for the application package links

The following is a summary of the steps involved in navigating the process.

STEP #1:

PRIOR to submitting your application the Health and Safety form must be completed. This will be one item in the application package.  If you have this completed before you start the other paperwork, you'll know if your home will pass the inspection. Some owners opt not to move ahead with an application after they see how many changes they'd need to make to their home to satisfy the Health and Safety inspection.

STEP #2:

COLLECT YOUR PAPERWORK - a full check-list is be included in the application package. Some of the items that you need to collect are:

- floor plans

- plot plan

- building permit information

- TAT/GET license copies

- photographers of the house and property

- list of all properties within a 500 foot radius of your property, including TMK, owner name, owner address.  A resource is available on the County website to generate this info for you.

Note: these are some of the major items, but this is not an all-inclusive list.

STEP #3:

- post your sign at the front of the property 5 days prior to submitting your application.

STEP #4:

When all paperwork is complete (and 5 days after posting your sign), submit it to the County. They will complete an initial review, and advise when you can do the mailing to all neighbors within your 500 foot radius.

STEP #5:

Neighbors have 45 days to comment on your application. If protests are submitted, the County will do a further review of the application and it might be subject to a Planning Commission hearing.

NOTE: all ag zoned properties will be required to apply for a State Special Use Permit and will require a Planning Commission hearing.

STEP #6:

Following the 45 day comment period, if there are NO protests, the property is NOT ag zoned, and the planner has completed their review, your application will be ready for a permit to be issued.

STEP #7:

All properties requiring a commission hearing will be advised when to post the notice of hearing, and when the neighbor mailing must be sent out.

STEP #8:

The commission will make a decision to accept or reject the application.

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