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  • Friday, March 12, 2021 9:47 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    In fiscal year 2020-2021 about 14 cents of every dollar budgeted in Maui County came from vacation rentals. Legal Vacation Rentals in the form of permitted bed and breakfasts, short term rental homes and condos are the number one source of revenue for Maui County in Real Property Taxes, and have been for the last three years.

    Support Maui's Vacation Rental Industry, they support you

    Join Maui Vacation Rental Association. MVRA unifies the vacation rental ownership community of Maui.  We believe in fair regulations that balance the rights of responsible owners, operators and their neighbors.

    Engage your Maui community, be informed on local property rights and taxes, protect your investment, and be a part of your local alliance. For more information go to

  • Thursday, February 04, 2021 1:32 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Thank you to everyone who mustered testimony for this last minute item that came up at the State Legislature threatening property rights.

    There were issues with the state website this morning and I know folks were struggling through getting testimony in.

    However, hundreds of written testimony did come in, much of it in opposition.

    Chair Nakamura deferred the measure, stating that she spoke to Kaʻāina Hull, Director of Planning for County of Kauai about the cooperation and agreement that they have worked on with AirBnB and Expedia, and how effective that has been in eliminating illegal short term operations. Nakamura also said she hopes that every county will also go into these agreements. She said the bottom line is to open up housing for local people.

    To watch the hearing please go to

    To read testimony:

    It was disappointing to see Maui County support of this measure.

    Other Testimony:

    Dear Hawaii State Representatives,

    My sincere apologies for sending this message to you directly, but the Hawaii State Gov. website is apparently having problems generating the "confirmation letters" needed for citizens to register to submit written testimony through normal channels.

    At any rate, thank you for the opportunity to speak out in opposition to Bill HB 76.

    In my opinion, the Bill is neither necessary nor useful at this time. As I understand it and speaking from my experience on Maui, short-term vacation rentals are hugely beneficial to the State. On Maui the taxes generated by short-term vacation rentals are one of the principal sources of revenue for Maui County, generating $114 Million for FY2020 (!) And this was even while being mandated closed by the State for much of the year (!)

    Short-term vacation rentals support a host of small businesses ranging from restaurants and shops to maintenance and landscaping. Short-term vacation rental guests spent an estimated $4.4 billion dollars on Maui in 2019, representing nearly a quarter of all visitor spending in the state!

    Short-term vacation rentals also support the State with TAT taxes. In 2019 Maui county generated $207,773,430 in TAT revenue for the state, about 33% of the overall Transient Accommodations Tax collected in that year. Maui has more legal vacation rentals (11768) on the island then hotel rooms (7372) according to Real Property Tax data.

    Short-term vacation rentals on Maui are also the largest single source of revenue for the Maui Affordable Housing Fund. They have generated $5.89 million for the fund since 2018 (!)

    Needless to say, then, doing anything to curtail short-term vacation rentals will only damage the local economy and inadvertently cripple county government financially.

    Why, then, would the state legislature consider a Bill that would undermine short-term vacation rental?! Would this not be to commit fiscal suicide?

    STRH permit holders on Maui have done their due diligence, often at considerable expense, to operate responsibly and within the law. Does not good governance require the State and County governments uphold their side of this social contract?

    Most permitted dwellings are owned by people who live in their properties for part of each year. They are thus never going to become available either for permanent resident housing or for long term rental.

    For all of these reasons I urge you to vote no on HB76.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Craig Gay

    For more information on HB76 check here:

    We will be watching for further updates on this proposed bill.

  • Thursday, January 21, 2021 1:26 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    The Planning Department Long Range Division has announced the beginning of South Maui's Community Plan Update. The online hub is located at

    It's going to be critical to participate. We want the South Maui Community Plan to be better than ever, and balance goals of the community plus continue to have the benefits of their vacation rental ohana as well. Right now they have scheduled 4 Vision Workshops to be held via zoom.

    This is what the press release said:

    Members of the South Maui community are encouraged to attend one of these workshops to brainstorm ideas with their neighbors and envision what South Maui should look and feel like in 20 years. All four workshops will have the same agenda, so people are asked to sign up for only one workshop so that as many people as possible can participate. The workshops will take place on the Zoom videoconferencing platform on the following dates and times:

    Thursday, January 21, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

    Register at this link:

    Saturday, January 23, 10 – 11:30 a.m.

    Register at this link:

    Tuesday, January 26, 12 – 1:30 p.m.

    Register at this link:

    Wednesday, January 27, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

    Register at this link:

    Clicking on the links above will take you to a registration form for that meeting date. The County will accept registrations until each workshop is full. Each of the workshops has a maximum capacity of 30 people to allow everyone participating time to share their ideas. The County may add more workshop dates based on interest.

    “Even while our community is working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19, we must still plan for the future,” said Mayor Michael Victorino. “I encourage everyone in South Maui to sign up for these workshops. Talk with your neighbors about what makes South Maui great and how we can plan for future generations.”

    Those community members who are unable to attend the virtual workshops are encouraged to share their ideas by participating in the self-directed, online version of the vision workshop here: The online workshop will be available through February 7.

    Additionally, organizations like neighborhood associations, youth groups, and civic clubs in South Maui who are interested in hosting their own virtual vision workshops with their members may contact County planners at to find out how to get access to a “workshop in a box.”

    “Building a vision for South Maui’s future is key to making sure that all the goals, policies and actions in the community plan take us in the right direction,” said Planning Director Michele McLean. “We are looking forward to these conversations with the community.”

    For more information on the South Maui Community Plan update process, visit the project website——or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @wearesouthmaui. For general planning information, visit

  • Wednesday, January 20, 2021 9:00 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Oh boy, what a year 2020 has been. Not only have we had a global pandemic, the shutdown in the visitor industry, plus B&Bs and short term rental homes and many condos were mandated to be closed for operation for many months. We are up and running again now, but there are legislative proposals to restrict Short Term Rental Homes and Short Term Rental Condos on the horizon. All the while, Maui's Short Term Rentals continue to be the single biggest source of revenue for the county in real property tax.

    MVRA has been there throughout this year. We have worked with the planning department as they revised the ordinances for B&B and STRH. We have spoken against reducing or changing the regional caps, and phasing out short term rentals time and time again. We have kept everyone updated on the latest rules for the visitor industry. We couldn’t have done it without you.

    This year’s annual meeting we will be having a discussion about amending the bylaws to include a condo owner on the board. We will be going over our legal update, and giving a legislative overview for the year to come.

    Your voice matters, and what’s more, we need to be heard together. We look forward to seeing you, but unfortunately due to COVID we will not be meeting in person. However, this gives us the opportunity to meet over Zoom and see members from all across the country. Meeting is 2pm HST, that is 4pm Pacific; 5pm Mountain; 7pm Eastern, on Wednesday February 3rd.

    Please register and RSVP at


    • Welcoming Statements
    • 2020 in Review
    • Legislative overview
    • Whats ahead for 2021
    • By-Law Amendments
    • Board member Voting

    If you need to update your membership to active prior to the meeting please check here.

    We are seeking additional board members and looking to create a few subcommittees. We are looking for more board members that are bed and breakfast owners as well as condo owners. Please let us know if you can assist, get involved, recommend someone or share ideas.

  • Monday, January 18, 2021 3:12 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    The Mayor's office just got approval from Governor Ige to make a few tweaks in our safe travels system.

    Travelers that wish to avoid the 10 day quarantine in the pre-travel COVID-19 test program must have negative results prior to boarding their plane, and must also (1) Download either the AlohaSafe Alert application or another Google-Apple Exposure Notification System application (2) Or enable their exposure notification setting on their mobile device.

    Folks arriving on the island with out the app on their phones will be asked to download it at the airport.

    Inter-County travelers are now also subject to the 10 day quarantine restriction, in order to avoid quarantine they must have a negative COVID-19 pre-test from an approved travel partner uploaded to the safe travels website prior to boarding their plane.

    You can find links to the Aloha Safe App to share here:

    Here is a flyer to share on your website or through email:

    Click here for Aloha Safe Flyer pdf

    New County Limits on Retail and Bars and Restaurants

    The county has set 30% occupancy limits for retail establishments and bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants must close no later than 10pm for dine in service.This does not apply to drive through, or non-liquor related take-out.

    Masks Required

    The county has also further clarified that masks must be worn to gyms, yoga studios and similar venues, for both indoor and outdoor activities.

    Masks must also be worn while walking to the beach and pool areas. Your mask may be removed once stationary, and separated from non-household members outdoors.

    These new rules for the county are scheduled to take effect Tuesday January 19, 2021.

    New CDC Guidelines for International Travelers

    We got notice from the HVCB on new CDC rules for international travelers:


    Under the new CDC rule taking effect January 26, international air passengers -- including U.S. residents -- two years and older, will be required to get a viral test within three days before their flight back to the U.S departs and provide written documentation of their laboratory test result (paper or electronic copy); or, provide documentation of recovery from COVID-19.

    If the passenger chooses not to provide documentation of a negative test or recovery, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger. 

    In order to qualify for the Safe Travels quarantine exemption the traveler must board with a negative test result specifically from a Trusted Testing Partner (TTP) taken within 72 hours of departure and uploaded to their Safe Travels account prior to boarding their flight to Hawaii.

    The negative test used to meet the CDC requirement may be used for Safe Travels exemption only if it was issued by a TTP. Currently, Hawaii has established TTP's only in the United States (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and Saipan), Japan, and Canada. 

    The CDC policy gives Hawaii an additional competitive advantage in that mainland travelers who might have considered other warm-weather destinations, will now have to secure approved testing in those foreign destinations prior to returning home. If they travel to Hawaii instead, they will have the convenience of testing in their home communities before leaving for Hawaii with no requirement to test before returning home. 

    Since its inception, Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program on October 16, 2020, one million passengers have arrived in the state. A complete rundown of the state’s travel requirements and entry protocols for all arriving passengers can be found by visiting  

  • Friday, November 06, 2020 1:29 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    I recently attended the HTA Maui Nui Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP) community meeting, and I wanted to share the discussion points and their survey with you.

    Please take a moment to participate in the survey. I think this is a great way for vacation rental stakeholders to give input in this process. Right now the HTA is currently collecting responses where you can provide feedback and input on the proposed actions online at this is due by Monday Nov. 9, 2020.

    The Maui steering committee group will be implementing ideas taken from this survey into the plan. The survey will ask you what island you are on and what your local zip code is. 

    Please take this opportunity to participate in their survey. One of the big goals of the process is to have a mutually satisfying experience in Hawaii for both the resident and the visitor, via maintaining or increasing value and revenues.

    Here’s what the proposed Anchor Action Summary is as discussed in the meeting.  

    • Respect for Natural & Cultural Resources
    • Initiate fund and continue programs to protect health of coral reefs, clean ocean water, native fish and marine wildlife as well as land based ecosystems and biosecurity
    • Support for Native Hawaiian Culture and Community
    • Develop and implement marketing with place based authenticity to attract visitors
    • Continue to offer cultural education and training programs to enhance and perpetuate aloha, malama and kuleana
    • Ensure Tourism and communities enrich each other
    • Ensure more direct benefits to residents from tourism
    • Implement resident communications programs to promote value of tourism
    • Develop & promote initiatives to improve experience of ground travel
    • Align infrastructure with county projections
    • Continue to reach out to the community to understand resident sentiment
    • Strengthen tourism contribution
    • Create county and or state cabinet position with hospitality background to provide tourism updates facilitate progress to residents and elected officials 
    • Implement a responsible tourism marketing communications promo to educate visitors.
    • Develop and implement new travel safety regulations
    • Island Resource Management
    • Increase funding for enforcement 
    • Implement policies to rebalance residents cost of living
    • Address impact of sea level rise
    • Work on reducing our reliance of tourism as our sole economic driver

    In this article traffic was at the top of everyone’s mind. It was also suggested that vacation rentals could be taxed more to ensure direct benefits to residents from tourism. I pointed out in the comments section of my survey that vacation rentals are already the highest taxed category bringing in the largest amount of money into the county via Real Property Tax. You can see the data here. Vacation Rentals were also mandated to shut down during the pandemic, with no funding relief.

    In addition, the short term rental classification is the largest contributor to the county Affordable Housing Fund annually. A better suggestion to ensure more direct benefits to residents occur from these payments is perhaps increase the ways the county appropriates these funds already collected to directly and positively impact residents.

    For more reading on the DMAP and the process go to

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020 8:15 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    State and County Host and Guest Guidance

    The Hawaii State Department of Health Maui District Health Office has transmitted their Guidance for Lodgings to Safely Accommodate Guests who have or suspected to have COVID19.

    Click here to download the document. Its 5 pages long and describes the necessary steps and procedures of what is expected should your guest come down with COVID19 during their stay.

    County of Maui and the Maui Facilities and Engineering Leadership Council (MFELC) has partnered to provide additional information on best practices for opening up. (pictured above). You will find that document here.


    Come Healthy | Stay Healthy |Leave Healthy

    Help Keep Maui County Healthy

    Maui County Accommodation Guidelines

    In partnering together for the safety of our guests and employees, Maui County is encouraging the following guidelines for hotel, condo and vacation rental operators:

    1. Provide Marketing materials to arriving guests with information about voluntary testing, locations and operating hours

    2. Provide for the safety of employees:

    a . Weekly testing of employees

    b. Provide employees the option of work areas where they will have no contact with guests

    c. Health coverage and additional time off if employee tests positive

    3. Work closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health Maui District Office for guests who test positive during their stay.

    To download this document click here.

    Maui County will also be asking visitors to voluntarily do a second test.


    Vistors to Maui: What You Need To Know

    Hawaii State Department of Health and Maui District Health office has also created a document of recommendations and information to give to your guests. These include tips on booking during COVID19 as well as some logistics, what to expect and informational links.

    To download the document click here.


    State and County Press Conference Highlights

    Courtesy of Maui Chamber of Commerce:

    Updated Maui County Travel Rules

    In addition to the Governor's updates on Trans-Pacific travelers today, Mayor Victorino also provide an update on Maui County travel rules (see the video here):

    Maui County will also be instituting a voluntary post-arrival test (for those who took the pre-test) 48-72 hours after arrival. This will be at no cost to travelers and they will receive a Kama'aina First Discount Card for participating to incentivize them taking a sWe understand that starting on 10/15 - intra-county travel within Maui County to/from Maui, Molokai, and Lanai will not require a 14 day quarantine or a pre-travel test.

    We also understand Maui County will start a pre-travel testing program on 10/15 for inter-county/inter-island travel, so if you are traveling from Oahu to Maui, you can take a pre-test 72 hours prior to arrival on Maui and be exempt from quarantine with a negative test.

    However, you will not be able to test out of quarantine. If you land on Maui and did not get a pre-test (whether transpacific or inter-island), you will have to spend the full 14 days in quarantine and cannot take a test to be released from quarantine.

    Maui County is moving forward with the pre-travel testing program for Trans-Pacific travel.econd test.

    If you are interested in featuring a discount program on Kama'aina First, please visit

    If you are taking the pre-travel test within the State of Hawaii (for inter-island/inter-county travelers), they will be using Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Services.

    Currently Mayor Victorino is working with Governor Ige on exempting travelers from Maui who are going to Oahu for a day or overnight for medical purposes from the quarantine, but this has not yet been approved.

    Governor Ige and Lieutenant Governor Green gave a press conference earlier this afternoon to provide more details on the pre-travel testing program. (See the press conference video)

    All counties will participate in the pre-travel testing program.

    Maui County and Kauai County will have a voluntary post-arrival test for those arriving. Hawaii County will require all travelers to take an antigen test.

    The state is currently working with Japan on a pre-travel testing program.

    Maui County and Kauai County are going to implement a pre-travel testing program for inter-island traveling. So, those traveling interisland from Oahu to Maui/Kauai can get a pre-travel test prior to departure to avoid quarantine. More details will be released on this.

    The counties are working with the hospitality industry partners to encourage people to take a second test.

    In addition, the state will be conducting strategic surveillance testing where up to 10% of arriving visitors across the islands will be given a second test 4 days after arrival for the next 60 days. This is meant to ensure the program is working as it should.

    Visitors can go to or call 1-800-GOHAWAII for additional information.

    Only test results from the trusted partners will be accepted and additional trusted partners have been added such as Alaska Airlines and American Airlines.

  • Friday, October 09, 2020 9:32 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Mayor Victorino Announces Another Deferral

    We have made many suggestions for tax relief, tax rebates or tax exemptions to the County of Maui, and nothing has stuck. Real Property Tax department says they do not make changes to the tax rates or amounts once the budget is set. However the Real Property Tax department knows that property owners are struggling, and the County has just offered additional time on their deferment period.

    Here is the info from their press release:

    Mayor Michael Victorino has just authorized a 90-day extension, now to Nov. 19, 2020, for the deferral of the 10 percent penalty for Real Property Taxes that was due on Aug. 20, 2020, because of the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Now, the deferral provides taxpayers from Aug. 20 to Nov. 19, 2020, to make payments without penalty. But, they are encouraged to pay their bills on time, as usual, to avoid the standard 1 percent monthly interest charge for unpaid balances after Aug. 31st. Previously, Mayor Victorino had granted a 60-day extension.

    “I hope this additional time will help our community cope with the financial impacts of COVID-19,” Mayor Victorino said. “We want to make sure our residents and businesses aren’t penalized for not being able to pay the full amount immediately due to financial hardship.”

    Tax penalty deferral details:

    • The deferral only impacts taxes due on Aug. 20, 2020
    • Taxpayers are now allowed to spread out payments from Aug. 20 through Nov. 19, 2020
    • All taxes due on Aug. 20 must be paid in full by Nov. 19 to avoid penalty
    • 1 percent interest on unpaid balances after Aug. 20 will not be waived; it will accrue monthly on Sept. 1, Oct. 1 and Nov. 1
    • Any outstanding balance owed as of Nov. 20, 2020, will be assessed the 10 percent penalty

    Note: Under the Maui County Code, the Director of Finance is allowed extensions of only up to 90 days. So, there will be no further extensions.

    Deferred payments may be sent to:


    County of Maui

    Department of Finance

    Treasury Division

    Real Property Tax Collection

    70 E. Kaahumanu Ave., Suite A-18

    Kahului, HI 96732

    The Real Property Tax Collections Office is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Its phone number is (808) 270-7697.

    More information is available at

  • Thursday, October 08, 2020 12:30 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Maui Will Open to Visitors October 15

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to express to Governor Ige, Lt. Gov. Josh Green and Mayor Victorino that they did not want mandatory secondary testing. As it stands right now the State is moving forward with their Pre-test trans-pacific travel program and they are not requiring second tests. You can see the Governor's press conference here:   Governor Ige said he remained committed to finding a safe and healthy way to bring back trans-pacific travelers. The state recommends going to the website HawaiiCOVID19.COM for more information

    At the press conference John DeFries, President & CEO, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority shed some light on what the new face of the visitor industry looks like.

    “ We have a whole new echelon of responsibility with our jobs,” says DeFries. It has to do with hygiene, sanitation, sterilization at standards that heretofore were reserved for clinics and hospitals. All in the name of keeping co-workers safe, work environments safe. All that so we can prepare to receive visitors who in turn must exhibit a level of responsibility and sensitivity toward our people as they come here and enjoy their vacation in the islands.”

    Hawaii Tourism Authority recommends going to GOHawaii.Com and checking out the new standards there and other travel resources for your business and informing your guests.

    Yesterday evening Managing Director Sandy Baz announced County of Maui is committed to the pre travel testing program and opening on Oct. 15. He also informed us travelers awaiting their pre-travel test results (if their results were not available at time of arrival) must quarantine at their place of lodging when they arrive. Approved pre-test quarantine hosts are hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, condo or legal transient vacation rentals. You can watch Maui County’s announcements here:

    You can see the County statement in writing here: Press Release_County of Maui moving forward with Pre-Travel Testing Program_10.7.20.pdf

    You can require your guests to show their test results. You cannot request this information from the partner testing facilities, we can ONLY ask guests for their Covid test results. Homeowners are responsible for the guest quarantining if they don’t receive negative test results, or become sick while here. Our standing within our communities rely upon our vigilance and responsibility in this area. 

    Note, In a meeting with the administration, they informed us that arriving guests should have your permit number (if there is one associated with your rental) because they will be checking that information at the arrival gates. If you can send it with reservation confirmation information that would be great. This will ensure a smoother entry and quicker transaction as every passengers credentials are reviewed upon arrival to Maui.

    Another thing that the County is requesting is to inform your arriving guests of our own safety mandates here like wearing a mask, washing your hands and watching your distance, please remain 6 feet apart, in addition to Maui's limit of groups of 10 or less in public spaces.

    The County is requesting from the State that resident’s travel within County of Maui be approved to opened up with no quarantine restrictions, and for interisland travel to reopen with a pre-travel testing program equivalent toTrans Pacific travel. 

    Current travel and testing partners with the state include include: AFC Urgent Care, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care, Color, CVS Health, Hawaiian Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Vault Health and Walgreens and Alaska Airlines is in the final phase of getting approved.

  • Monday, October 05, 2020 12:24 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

    Update on the Molokai Case

    Our attorneys at Revere and Associate have filed the opposition to the County of Maui's motion to dismiss.

    You can read the opposition document here.

    The hearing before Judge Jill Otake is scheduled for November 13, 2020.

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