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Opening Up, Sanitizing and Quarantining Guidelines from State and County

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 8:15 PM | Jen Russo (Administrator)

State and County Host and Guest Guidance

The Hawaii State Department of Health Maui District Health Office has transmitted their Guidance for Lodgings to Safely Accommodate Guests who have or suspected to have COVID19.

Click here to download the document. Its 5 pages long and describes the necessary steps and procedures of what is expected should your guest come down with COVID19 during their stay.

County of Maui and the Maui Facilities and Engineering Leadership Council (MFELC) has partnered to provide additional information on best practices for opening up. (pictured above). You will find that document here.


Come Healthy | Stay Healthy |Leave Healthy

Help Keep Maui County Healthy

Maui County Accommodation Guidelines

In partnering together for the safety of our guests and employees, Maui County is encouraging the following guidelines for hotel, condo and vacation rental operators:

1. Provide Marketing materials to arriving guests with information about voluntary testing, locations and operating hours

2. Provide for the safety of employees:

a . Weekly testing of employees

b. Provide employees the option of work areas where they will have no contact with guests

c. Health coverage and additional time off if employee tests positive

3. Work closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health Maui District Office for guests who test positive during their stay.

To download this document click here.

Maui County will also be asking visitors to voluntarily do a second test.


Vistors to Maui: What You Need To Know

Hawaii State Department of Health and Maui District Health office has also created a document of recommendations and information to give to your guests. These include tips on booking during COVID19 as well as some logistics, what to expect and informational links.

To download the document click here.


State and County Press Conference Highlights

Courtesy of Maui Chamber of Commerce:

Updated Maui County Travel Rules

In addition to the Governor's updates on Trans-Pacific travelers today, Mayor Victorino also provide an update on Maui County travel rules (see the video here):

Maui County will also be instituting a voluntary post-arrival test (for those who took the pre-test) 48-72 hours after arrival. This will be at no cost to travelers and they will receive a Kama'aina First Discount Card for participating to incentivize them taking a sWe understand that starting on 10/15 - intra-county travel within Maui County to/from Maui, Molokai, and Lanai will not require a 14 day quarantine or a pre-travel test.

We also understand Maui County will start a pre-travel testing program on 10/15 for inter-county/inter-island travel, so if you are traveling from Oahu to Maui, you can take a pre-test 72 hours prior to arrival on Maui and be exempt from quarantine with a negative test.

However, you will not be able to test out of quarantine. If you land on Maui and did not get a pre-test (whether transpacific or inter-island), you will have to spend the full 14 days in quarantine and cannot take a test to be released from quarantine.

Maui County is moving forward with the pre-travel testing program for Trans-Pacific travel.econd test.

If you are interested in featuring a discount program on Kama'aina First, please visit

If you are taking the pre-travel test within the State of Hawaii (for inter-island/inter-county travelers), they will be using Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Services.

Currently Mayor Victorino is working with Governor Ige on exempting travelers from Maui who are going to Oahu for a day or overnight for medical purposes from the quarantine, but this has not yet been approved.

Governor Ige and Lieutenant Governor Green gave a press conference earlier this afternoon to provide more details on the pre-travel testing program. (See the press conference video)

All counties will participate in the pre-travel testing program.

Maui County and Kauai County will have a voluntary post-arrival test for those arriving. Hawaii County will require all travelers to take an antigen test.

The state is currently working with Japan on a pre-travel testing program.

Maui County and Kauai County are going to implement a pre-travel testing program for inter-island traveling. So, those traveling interisland from Oahu to Maui/Kauai can get a pre-travel test prior to departure to avoid quarantine. More details will be released on this.

The counties are working with the hospitality industry partners to encourage people to take a second test.

In addition, the state will be conducting strategic surveillance testing where up to 10% of arriving visitors across the islands will be given a second test 4 days after arrival for the next 60 days. This is meant to ensure the program is working as it should.

Visitors can go to or call 1-800-GOHAWAII for additional information.

Only test results from the trusted partners will be accepted and additional trusted partners have been added such as Alaska Airlines and American Airlines.

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