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New Fines are in Effect

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 12:54 PM | Jen Russo (Administrator)

The Planning Department’s new fines for illegal operation of short term rentals, transient vacation rentals and bed and breakfast are in effect as of December 22, 2019. The new fines are $20,000 for an initial fine for a notice of violation, with daily fines accruing at $10,000 a day. I have seen an uptick in the request for service logs in the Planning Department, there were a total of 16 in December of 2019, we are at 23 as of today already in January 2020. 

The Planning Department says 5 Notice of Warnings have gone out so far. What that means is those receiving a warning have 7 days to act to stop operations. If not the Notice of Violation will go out that will include the fines. 

I am keeping track of the RFS numbers, and will keep reporting back on information on the new system of fines. I am hoping we will see a reduction in illegal short term rental activity. Please let me know if this is the case for your neighborhood. Or if you would like more information please email or call me at 808-280-3286.

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