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Mana'o for West Maui

Monday, January 20, 2020 12:51 PM | Jen Russo (Administrator)

Your Mana’o is needed in West Maui

The West Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) is considering phasing out Vacation Rentals in the Lahaina Historic District. You may think, ‘well my vacation rental is not in the historic district.’ However they are also suggesting expanding the historic district from Shaw Street to the gates at Puamana.

We know the committee has a lot of pressure to try to assist affordable housing in Lahaina, however, phasing out the legal vacation rentals will probably not open up the kind of housing the west side community needs so badly. We know vacation rentals serve an important part of the visitor industry on the west side, diversifies the tourism economy, and creates walkable access for the visitors to the Lahaina Historic district. 

There are a lot of communities across the world that have figured out how to benefit from having vacation rentals in their historic districts. It can be a win-win.

The CPAC is also considering a halt of all short term rental home permits, hotel expansions and new hotels until the supply of residential housing units exceeds the supply of visitor units. In their Economic Opportunity through Innovation section of policies. Again we see the desperate need for housing units, but this does not feel like innovation.

I will be sending out more sample testimony shortly. If you have questions about this proposed language please feel free to email me. If you wish to reach the West Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee please email

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