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Planning Commission Meetings - July 9th & July 10th

Thursday, July 04, 2024 7:06 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

Upcoming Hearings:
Tuesday, July 9th @ 9am HST - Maui Planning Commission

Wednesday, July 10th @ 9am HST - Molokai Planning Commission

Written testimony: if you have NOT yet submitted written testimony you are still eligible to do so. Please refer to information below on how to submit written testimony. 

FLYER FOR DISTRIBUTION - please email & distribute to people impacted by this bill. We want to encourage them to submit testimony both written and in-person!


The July 9th meeting is a continuation from the June 25th MPC hearing. 

Clarifying Information:

  • If you testified on June 25th in-person or virtually you are NOT eligible for additional oral testimony
  • If you were signed up to testify please make sure you are present in-person or online on Tuesday, July 9th. They will be calling testifiers in the order they signed up on June 25th (testifier list is linked below)
  • If you DID NOT sign up on June 25th or testify that day you ARE eligible for testimony. Please show up in-person or virtually to put your name on the list. New testifiers whether in-person or virtually will be heard after the already signed up people from June 25th. It is important to get your name on the list if you plan to testify. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the MPC has indicated that due to not being able to hold a quorum that the July 9th meeting will last approximately 1 hour from 9am - 10am HST. This means that the meeting will likely be continued to a third meeting. It is very important that people still show up in-person and virtually to show our continued opposition to this bill. We understand that most people will not have a chance to testify that day but if you are on Maui and available to go to the Planning Commission office PLEASE DO SO. 



It is NOT necessary to submit separate/additional written testimony to the Molokai Planning Commission. They are being provided all written testimony that has been submitted. 

Additionally, unless you are a Molokai resident please do not show up to testify in-person or virtually. If you would like to watch the meeting you can use the login info provided on the agenda linked below. 


***AS A REMINDER*** This is the County Bill to phase out STRs on the Minatoya List zoned A1/A2 - you can use this language when you reference the Bill. Please do not reference any other bills or community plans in your testimony. 

Written Testimony Submission Guidelines

  • Agenda Announcement: The agenda for the Planning Commission meeting will be announced 7 days prior to the meeting.

  • Testimony Submission: After the agenda is released, you can submit testimony.

  • Written Testimony Submission:

    • Email: Send your testimony to: 

    • Deadline: Testimony is due no later than 12 pm one business day before the meeting (Monday, July 8th at 12 pm).

    • Address: Department of Planning, One Main Plaza, 2200 Main Street, Suite 315, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaiʻi 96793

Oral Testimony (Virtual - MAUI PLANNING COMMISSION):

  • The Planning Commission uses Webex for their meetings. Please download the app to your phone or computer ahead of time.

  • Meeting Info: 

  • To watch or submit oral testimony:

  • Meeting ID: 2663 645 5106 Password: 070924

    • When you login, you can indicate if you are there to testify, and then you will be placed in the queue.

  • Oral testimony will be limited to 1-3 minutes per person.


    • Address: 

Planning Department Conference Room, Kalana Pakui Building
250 South High Street, Wailuku, HI 96793
  • The meeting will start at 9 a.m. Please plan to arrive by 8:30 a.m. to ensure you can get inside.

  • Tips for Submitting Testimony:

  • Be concise

  • Include supporting materials or detailed descriptions as attachments

  • Prepare a written summary of your oral testimony

  • Be respectful and courteous

  • Offer solutions and provide Facts

  • Clearly state your position at the beginning and end of your testimony

Framework for Written Testimony

STR Industry Professional:

Subject line for email: Testimony of [Your Name] Regarding the Phasing Out of Short-Term Rentals in Maui County

[example of testimony talking points click here]

STR Owner:

Subject line for email: Testimony of [Your Name] Regarding the Phasing Out of Short-Term Rentals in Maui County

[example of testimony talking points click here]

Local Business Owner (Restaurants, Tour Operators & More):

Subject line for email: Testimony of [Your Name] Regarding the Phasing Out of Short-Term Rentals in Maui County

[example of testimony talking points click here]

Do’s & Don’ts for Your Testimony


  • Focus on your personal experience

  • Write your comment down, stick to the script

  • Keep your oral comments short

  • Be respectful, thank Council for the opportunity to speak


  • Deviate from the prepared comment

  • Respond to the opposition’s message or argument

  • Use an impolite or disrespectful tone toward the Council

Instructions for Preparing Oral Testimony from Written Testimony

  1. Identify Key Points:

    • Review your written testimony and highlight the main points.

  2. Keep it Concise:

    • Aim for a maximum of 300 words.

  3. Structure Your Oral Testimony:

    • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and state your position.

    • Main Points: Select 2-3 key arguments.

    • Conclusion: Summarize your main points and make a final appeal.

  4. Practice Your Delivery:

    • Practice reading your testimony aloud.

Framework for Oral Testimony

PDF of this Information

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