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Malama Maui Pin

Thursday, December 07, 2023 1:39 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

We support the Malama Maui pin.

The pin, named after the Hawaiian phrase "Malama Maui," signifying "Caring for Maui," hopes to offer solace to residents while providing guidance for visitors. Its fundamental purpose is to establish a supportive environment for our residents by offering a visual cue to visitors, signifying the importance of refraining from inquiring about the experiences of Maui residents, thus respecting their privacy. Lisa Paulson, executive director for Maui Hotel and Lodging Association said “The Malama Maui Pin coordinates beautifully with all our messaging on how to visit Maui with respect and compassion. Many survivors are not ready to share their experiences with others.” 

This seemingly small gesture, embodied by the Malama Maui Pin, hopes to serve, and safeguard our people and provides a visual cue for visitors to understand how to engage or not engage with our community. 

To obtain Malama Maui Pins, visit or e-mail

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