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Governor Josh Greenʻs Proposal for Housing

Friday, December 01, 2023 1:32 PM | Executive Director (Administrator)

Gov. Josh Green's Proposal

The Governor also announced a proposal on Wednesday to incentivize housing on Maui. Gov. Josh Green’s version includes long term rental pricing at $5K/mo for studio or 1 bedroom; and up to $11K/mo for a 4 bedroom; and plans to use federal, state government and private foundation money.

Green’s program also involves dedicating funding of $50K per unit to build 1000 accessory dwelling units on private property. Property owners would be able to choose from 5 pre approved models of ohanas and get any necessary zoning changes within 30 days. Green’s plan includes expediting existing housing projects as well.

Green has a plan B as well, but that focuses on a ban of short term rentals. “A second option would allow the government to impose an 18-month ban on short-term vacation rentals on Maui. Under that plan, some $324 million of federal, state and private funds would be used to pay property owners who would give 18-month leases to displaced residents instead of renting to tourists or others for a short term.” according to the article by Civil Beat.

The state legislature has formed working groups to work on recovery solutions for the wildfires. The Shelter working group led by Troy Hashimoto and Luke Evslin published their draft report that include 4 recommendations for expediting housing. The first is expediting housing projects with state financing options; the second is cutting regulatory burdens; third is to utilize short term rentals for long term housing; and fourth is ideas for housing the vulnerable. 

Recommendations 3 starts with incentivizing the short term rentals to convert with tax incentives as we are seeing the government do now.

But the darker side of recommendation 3 is for the state legislature to introduce a bill granting counties authority to phase out non-conforming STRs as a tool to create long term housing. While Green’s proposal is not going that far, it is likely that the state will bring forward the same measure from last year that aims to grant counties this control.

In the report it does say, “Currently, counties are prohibited from phasing out the zoning of non-conforming residential uses of single-family homes or duplexes. The counties have interpreted this to include a blanket prohibition on changing the zoning of STRs without allowing existing STRs to continue to operate through non-conforming use permits.”

Governor Green’s proposal isn’t available for review just yet. So far he has only announced it through the media. 

To Contact the Governor:

The Honorable Josh Green

Governor, State of Hawai‘i

Executive Chambers

State Capitol 

415 South Beretania St. 

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Phone: (808) 586-0034

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