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Visiting Maui with Grace

Friday, October 27, 2023 9:06 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

Along with the Mayor and Governor announcing that Maui is officially open on November 1st, HTA has launched a new campaign named Mālama Maui. In coordination with various community members and partners, HTA produced new videos featuring Maui residents welcoming mindful visitation and sharing how visitors can Mālama Maui. In addition, Governor Josh Green, M.D.’s Office of Wellness and Resilience, HTA and County of Maui have partnered to create informational flyers and screen signage with tips for respectful, compassionate and responsible travel to support the community’s healing. These resources are being distributed broadly to visitors, airlines, accommodations, rental car companies, shops, restaurants, tour operators and other businesses.

Some of their travel tips that you can share with you guests include:

  • Make sure you’ve packed two things on a trip: patience and grace. Expect to wait for longer than you’re used to for food or other services.
  • Support local businesses. Your visit will support Maui businesses that rely on tourism for their families’ livelihood. Visit for various ways to eat, shop, play, stay and support local.
  • Hosting uninvited volunteers in direct recovery work may be difficult at this time. Visit for efforts welcoming volunteers and contributions.
  • Do not enter Lahaina Town or take photos of the area, even from afar. The area is restricted because conditions can be hazardous to your health. Respect the privacy of survivors and the dignity of those who lost their lives.
  • Do not ask about a resident’s personal experience with the disaster. While a question such as “Were you impacted by the fire?” may be intended to be supportive, many survivors are not ready to share their experiences with others.
  • If you come across a memorial service or other private gathering, leave the area immediately. Respect the gathered survivors and residents — do not take photos or videos.

Visit HTA’s Mālama Maui toolkit to view and download these resources, including an updated map of Maui at: The toolkit is available for community members, industry partners and businesses to utilize.

The County of Maui has also launched the website with listings of local businesses, including Bed and Breakfast operations, Short Term Rentals, activities and events that visitors can support.

Another place to list and look for Maui Businesses to support:

To share the HTA video:

Mālama Maui

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