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Vacation rental homeowners must realize that it is critical to band together to educate the community and negotiate with the County. Although both the B&B and STR ordinances are in place, they are constantly subject to pressure from the community the Planning Department and the County Council.  MVRA is committed to preserving the option for visitors to the island to vacation in private homes and cottages.

Why Join?

Member Benefits

Keep abreast of news and developments in our industry.
Things are changing fast. Be notified of public meetings where government policy is decided.

Benefit from legal information which is developed by MVRA’s attorneys.

Be part of a solution which addresses community concerns while preserving our businesses.

Help correct misperceptions about the vacation rental industry.
Work together for the good of our community. Be part of “good things” in an ongoing way.

Why get involved?

MVRA will be working with our members to assist in their application process.

Through cooperative effort, we are working towards effective enforcement.

The County is constantly drafting changes to the STRH regulations which will affect many of our businesses.

It is practically impossible to avoid detection by the County if you advertise on the internet. If potential guests can find you, so can zoning inspectors. It is MVRA's goal that all of our members (both B&B and STRH) have a process to become legal, and apply to the County for a permit.

“Fighting City Hall” individually and separately is a lonely battle. There is strength in numbers, and a chance to guide the political process in a reasonable direction.

Our Platform

MVRA has a plan which would maintain the flow of visitor dollars into our local economy and preserve the jobs of STRH staff, while addressing community concerns about STRH proliferation and impacts on neighborhoods:

MVRA acknowledges the need to address proliferation concerns, and feels that community plan caps adequately address this issue, as long as these limits are set reasonably. This will maintain a balance of supply and demand, relieving pressure which could otherwise result in spawning of unpermitted operations.

The vacation rental industry would become an ally of the County with respect to implementing regulations. Agreed-upon standards of operation would be promoted.

Like any regulated industry (such as physicians or realtors), unlicensed operators would not be allowed to open businesses. This would help to prevent further uncontrolled proliferation, which is our government’s biggest concern.