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Bed and Breakfast Application Package
Maui County has done a good job of providing a step by step application process.  Before starting.....  remember to check all of the structures on your property to be certain they are properly permitted.   This will save time as you move through the B&B permit process.

Short Term Rental Home Application Package
The application package guides you through the permit paperwork step by step.

State Special Use Permit
All properties with agricultural zoning will also require a State Special Use Permit.  Your first step is to register your farm plan, and be certain it is fully implemented.


Bed and Breakfast Ordinance
Signed by Mayor Tavares in January 2009, with subsequent revisions

Short Term Rental Home Ordinance
Signed by Mayor Arakawa on May 23, 2012, with later updates.

General and Community Plans

In Maui County It is a common misconception that visitor rentals outside of hotel zoning are prohibited by General or Community Plan language. It is important to distinguish between language which prohibits and language which restricts or limits vacation rentals. Throughout the Plans, visitor homes are not prohibited but are restricted or limited, so they do not interfere with agricultural activities or the traditional lifestyle in neighborhoods. Regulations proposed by MVRA are designed to accomplish such restrictions and limitations, consistent with the intent of the applicable Plans.

Countywide Policy Plan

Maui Island Plan

Kihei – Makena Community Plan (1998)

Paia – Haiku Community Plan (1995)

Wailuku - Kahului Community Plan (2002)

Makawao - Pukalani - Kula Community Plan (1996)

Hana Community Plan (1994)

West Maui Community Plan (1996)

Lanai Community Plan (1998)

Molokai Community Plan (2001)

Vacation Rental Studies

For the last ten years, B&B's (Bed and Breakfasts) and STRH's (Short Term Rental Homes) have been a hot topic in Maui County even though there is little public opposition.  In December 2008, we saw a very positive step forward, as the Maui County Council approved new legislation for B&B's (properties with the owner living on grounds).   It's now 2011, and we are hopeful that the Council will work towards a similar STRH ordinance this year.

The following documents were commissioned by the Maui Real Estate Association to show support for and the benefit of vacation rentals in the Maui community.

1.  Public Opinion Survey
The Maui Realtors Association commissioned SMS Research to prepare a public opinion survey.  This survey showed 60% in favor of this industry, 20% against and 20% undecided.  In 2002 the County of Maui commissioned a public opinion survey by the same company, and the results were almost identical.

2.  Economic Impact Study
The 2008 Economic Impact Study shows that this industry brings in up to $300 million per year, and employs around 3000 local residents.  Money brought in by the vacation rental industry stays right here on the island, trickling through our island economy again and again.

3.  Kauaian Institute TVR study
Completed in 2005, the Kauaian Institute published an exhaustive 24 page report on Vacation Rentals in Maui showing that there were approximately 800 Vacation Rental houses (B&B's and TVR's) at that time.

Contact information for the Mayor and Council Members:

Mayor Alan Arakawa
270-7855 -

Alika Atay
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Stacy Crivello
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Don Guzman
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Kelly T. King

Yuki Lei Sugimura
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Elle Cochran
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Mike White
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Bob Carroll
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Riki Hokama
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Mailing address:
Maui County | 200 S. High Street, Wailuku, HI  96793